Ho-ho-ho! It’s that time of the year again when everything turns festive and it inspires you to freshen up your jewelry collection. Want to know which December jewelry is trending this season? That’s perfect because we have put together a list with the most fashionable and beautiful jewelry pieces. This way, when you buy precious & semi precious stones jewelry, you will know exactly what to get. Keep reading to discover our top picks for December jewelry and update your jewelry box with new and exciting styles.

Top December jewelry pieces to wear this season

Before we get started on that list, let’s recap the hottest winter jewelry trends this year. White gold and silver, as well as all-metal pieces,  are trending now. Their sleek shimmer will make any outfit look festive and beautiful. Another trend that you shouldn’t ignore has to do with semi precious gemstones and pearls. Jewelry with semi precious gemstones or pearls is amazing and it brings a lot of color and diversity this season. Last, but not least, chunky designs, layered necklaces, and coin pendants will make your winter more glamorous as you prepare to enter a new year. This being said, let’s take a look at our top picks and see how you can style them.

Solid sterling silver hoops

We already knew that hoops are here to stay, but these December jewelry hoops have changed their look. Instead of the large and thin round hoops, we now have sleek and thick solid silver hoops that look gorgeous. When it comes to styling these Ana Luisa silver hoops, we recommend wearing them with a pastel turtleneck and a thin gemstone necklace. This way you will create a polished and cozy look which you can try the next time you go out for a cup of tea with your friends. However you style them, if you want to be on track with this December jewelry, Ana Luisa’s solid silver hoops are a must-have for your jewelry box.

Baroque pearl drop earrings

drop earrings

Whether you want a creative jewelry piece or are tired of the perfectly round pearl designs, Ana Luisa’s pearl drop earrings are great for you. December jewelry this year features lots of pearls and not necessarily round. In fact, more and more people appreciate the unique style of baroque pearls, which is why you should have these earrings in your jewelry box. Wear them with a navy velvet dress, pattern tights and a pair of lacquer boots to get a festive and fabulous look.

Rose gold studs

rose gold ball stud earrings

Yes, we are still in the earrings department because these jewelry pieces are an important focus for December jewelry. Remember how we said all-metal jewelry with glossy looks? These metallic solid rose gold studs bring a feminine and warm luster to frozen winter days. Wear them with your hair up, a chunky coin necklace and a flowery shirt to bring some of that spring romance to your winter days.

Lacquer rings

Either black, white or both of them, lacquer rings have a polished feel that transforms any outfit and are great for December jewelry. Ana Luisa’s lacquer rings are ideal to stack and you should get them in both black and white. This way you can stack them and create a finger party that will not go unnoticed. Wear a sharp suit, tailored pants, and these rings or match them with a graphic tee and your favorite cuff jeans. However you decide to style them, go easy on the bracelets and bring back the black & white theme in your earrings. You will look absolutely fabulous.

Layered necklaces & coin necklaces

Whether you layer your necklaces yourself or buy pre-layered ones, you can’t ignore this December jewelry trend. Layered necklaces are not only gorgeous but also extremely fashionable and a great alternative to chunky statement necklaces. And since coin necklaces are also trending December jewelry this year, guess what? At Ana Luisa, you can find both designs, even in the same piece.

For example, Ana Luisa’s Star Layered Necklace features a gold coin pendant necklace and a longer necklace with a large pendant featuring a clear gemstone. This precious and creative design is ideal to accessorize with a pair of crystal studs, a couple of gold bangles and a deep-V dress. Whether you want to get this necklace and make it the star of your December jewelry pieces or view more designs, you should visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

These are our top picks for December jewelry pieces. If you want to read more about jewelry trends, styling inspiration or buying advice, check out our other articles as well. To view Ana Luisa’s unique fine jewelry collections, visit our online jewelry shop and discover amazing designs at fair prices.

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