Your jewelry box is the place where all the magic happens. Wearing the right jewelry with the right outfit can mean more than having a great style. Sometimes, it makes the difference between getting what you want or not. At a job interview, for example, it is very important what jewelry you choose to wear from your jewelry box. So, if you want to rock that interview and land the job, read further to discover what jewelry to wear to your job interview.

Jewelry box & a job interview – dos & don’ts

If you are starring at your jewelry box every time you need to prepare for a job interview after you read this article you will get all the answers you need. People say that when you go to a job interview you need to look as if you already have that job. This is why it is very important to see how people dress in your industry. A financial expert working in a bank will always have a different outfit from a copywriter working for an advertising agency. This being said, let’s see which are the most important jewelry wear rules when going to a job interview.

DO wear simple jewelry

Unless you are applying for a job in the fashion industry, you want to keep it simple when it comes to the pieces you choose from your jewelry box. We recommend wearing jewelry to a job interview because it shows attention to detail and a personal style. However, a lot of jewelry or extravagant pieces may send the wrong message to your interviewer. The general rule is to choose simple and stylish jewelry pieces such as:

  • Silver or gold stud earrings with a delicate chain bracelet
  • A solitaire pearl ring with a pearl pendant
  • A simple delicate bangle with a pair of huggies

When you are wearing simple and elegant jewelry it sends a message of professionalism. Chunky pieces may seem exaggerated to your interviewer. Of course, nobody will admit that they rejected a candidate because of the jewelry they were wearing. However, this can happen because first impressions also take your overall look into consideration.

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DO follow the “less is more” rule

If you go to your job interview wearing a lot of jewelry it will certainly send the wrong message. The interviewer may regard you as frivolous or trying to impress. This means that you should pick from your jewelry box a pair of earrings and an elegant ring. You can also wear a find pendant necklace with a bangle bracelet, but make sure you are not wearing all your pieces at once. We recommend choosing two or three pieces from your jewelry box.

DO wear jewelry that is not very expensive

The truth is that expensive jewelry can get you into trouble at a job interview. If you are wearing a diamond bangle, for example, it could send the message that your skills are also very expensive. And sometimes, the interviewer may let their personal background affect their decision. A diamond ring or a pair of diamond studs should be fine but avoid diamond cuffs or necklaces. The best idea is to choose from your jewelry box versatile and high-quality pieces that don’t intimidate people.

DON’T wear statement pieces

We know that every woman has at least one statement piece in her jewelry box. However, those pieces are great for any other occasion except for a job interview. Oversized hoops, a gemstone choker or a cocktail ring may distract attention. Avoid big jewelry pieces and stick to the essentials. Here is what you should never wear to a job interview:

  • Statement necklaces & cuffs
  • Statement earrings & big hoops
  • Cocktail rings & other types of chunky rings
  • Chokers & collars
  • Chunky metal chains & tassel pieces

DON’T wear plastic jewelry

We know that you love those colorful plastic summer bracelets in your jewelry box, but it’s best to keep them for other occasions. Plastic jewelry can be very fashionable, but it is not appropriate for a job interview. Try to stick to metal pieces instead as they send an authoritative message. You want to show your interviewer that you mean business, not that you love the hippie era.

DON’T wear political jewelry

Just like politics and religion are not allowed at the dinner table, the same can be said for a job interview. Of course, you are ok with wearing a cross necklace or another religious symbol as long as it is a simple and delicate one. However, you should avoid political jewelry that depicts various movements. A “meat is murder” necklace may create tension between you and your interviewer especially if they are not vegetarians. And even if they are, you are applying for a job interview, not a political campaign.

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