When it comes to office jewelry, all you really need are a couple of key pieces. For jewelry that you wear to the office and important meetings, less is more. Don’t let the pieces distract from your brilliance. This doesn’t mean that you should let go of your personal style for your office attire or stop thinking about how to style fine gemstone jewelry. No, your stylishness should emphasize how great you are at your job. Read on for inspiration on how to impress with your subtle yet elegant office jewelry.

Pearls, the Classic Feminine Piece

There is no reason to avoid a feminine touch in your style while you are at work. With a pearl necklace, your clean cut office clothes are instantly transformed.

Nothing is as elegant as a pearl necklace so choose colors in your clothing that are not too loud. Pearls look very chic when paired with a navy suit or a peach silk blouse. A white shirt with a single white pearl pendant necklace looks stunning.

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Pearls don’t have to feel vintage at all. There are plenty of new pearl necklace designs that fit your sleek and modern style. Try a necklace that combines pearls with other gemstones instead of a string of pearls. Or, switch out the yellow gold for the cool color of white gold.

Gemstone Studs for Everyday Office Jewelry

A good pair of studs can’t be missing from any jewelry collection. For the pair you’ll wear to the office, choose a design that has a gemstone within an intricate setting.

Since studs are already a subtle piece of jewelry, feel free to add a pop of color. Aquamarine and citrine are soft colored gemstones that work well with a range of colors. Does your office style focus on blues, blacks, and grays? Then a richer colored gemstone like rubies or emeralds will brighten up your look. Clear stones like diamonds or even crystals are also a match for any outfit.

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Once you’ve decided on the gemstone, pick a design that matches your overall office jewelry style. A geometric design looks sleek and edgy. A rounded stone in a gold setting is for a classic and chic look. Or, simply catch the light with a square clear stone stud.


Moving Around with Office Jewelry

Earrings are the easiest office jewelry to wear because they’re least likely to get in the way. We believe hoop earrings can be worn to any occasion and this includes your office.

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Anyone instantly looks fresh-faced when wearing hoop earrings. Their versatile design goes great with any outfit. All you have to decide on is the material and the hoop size. The general rule for size is that the busier the outfit, the smaller the hoops. As for the material, a solid gold (any gold alloy) will be the most versatile. Match the color of your hoops to the other office jewelry that you’re wearing for cohesion.

Off the Cuff

That’s a misguiding header. It should actually say on the cuff. Many women are worried about a bracelet jingling while they go about their office duties. A broader cuff bracelet avoids this problem.

Choose a cuff bracelet in a solid precious metal that matches your other office jewelry items. For example, a rose gold cuff bracelet can be paired with your rose gold and diamond studs.

Cuff bracelets look great with an elbow length shirt or your sleeveless summer office dress. You can also wear a chunkier cuff bracelet over a solid color turtleneck sweater.

Stackable Band Rings for the Detailed Eye

Rings with big rocks are not the practical choice for office jewelry. The only exception should be your engagement ring. That’s a ring you should be showing off to everyone.

Instead of large gemstone stunners, choose band rings that you can easily stack. Stacked rings are an easy way to add variety. A creative way to stack your band rings is to wear the same design but in all three kinds of gold. This is cohesive while still being unexpected.

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You can also look for ring designs that seem to morph into each other when stacked. This is a trick to look like you are wearing a different ring each time you change up the order.

There you go, all the items you need to have in your office jewelry collection. Remember to keep it simple. Office jewelry should be the accent to your office outfit, not the statement piece of your look. Choosing the right pieces will give you extra flair and create a cohesive look. After all, looking great makes an impression. Do you want more tips on how to impress with your jewelry? Read the next article as well.

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