Tell me what designer jewelry you wear and I’ll tell your personality type. Well, the saying doesn’t go exactly like this, but it is true. The jewelry you wear reveals bits of your personality. It does not only show your style but also what kind of individual you are. Women who wear oversized gold hoops are usually fun and outgoing, while those who wear mismatched earrings are creative and bold. The list could go on, but we are going to do better than that. We are going to match different styles of designer jewelry with the four main personality types. Who said that jewelry and psychology can’t work together? Read further to discover what designer jewelry to wear according to your personality.

Designer jewelry & personality

At first sight, it doesn’t seem that jewelry and temperament have much in common. But when you think about it, it becomes quite logical. Since the beginning of times, people have used jewelry not only to adorn their bodies but also to tell stories about themselves. From occupations to marital and social status, jewelry has always hinted at the background of an individual. And, as we have discovered, it does more than hint. Sometimes, the designer jewelry we wear is like the result of a personality test. So which one of the personality types are you? Let’s find out.

Sanguine personalities & their favorite jewelry

Always the social butterfly, the sanguine type loves to meet new people, be the center of attention at any party and try on new adventures. You are an optimist with a contagious enthusiasm for life and an infinite amount of energy. Your designer jewelry couldn’t be any different so, if you love your hoop earrings, charm bracelets, and layered necklaces, you are a true sanguine personality.

The fabulous Kinoko Marble ball drop earrings by Ana Luisa were designed for somebody like you, so check them out.  Other types of jewelry that you will love are the gold hoop earrings, gemstone charm bracelets, and cocktail rings. Pair them with your big smile and that boho chic dress you love and you have the recipe for success.

ball drop earrings

Choleric personalities & designer jewelry

Very ambitious and fiery, choleric people tend to go “my way or no way”. They are often compared to thunderstorms because of the power the exhibit. As a choleric personality type, you like to have fun but, most of all, you like a good challenge. Whether it is to climb a high mountain peak, to get a promotion or to win an argument, you never say no to a good fight. It is only natural that your jewelry is feisty as well. Take a look in your jewelry box. If you notice a lot of statement pieces like gemstone cuffs, statement necklaces, and oversized earrings, then you are a choleric personality type. “Statement” is a word invented for people like you.

The powerful Miruna signet onyx ring by Ana Luisa is exactly what you need to let people know not to mess with you. Other designer jewelry types that you are going to love are multi-strand necklaces, gemstone chokers, and collars, as well as chunky earrings.

black onyx ring

Phlegmatic personalities & their beloved jewelry

With great social skills and a highly analytical mind, phlegmatic personalities always see the big picture. They offer great advice to a choleric who is about to start a shouting match or to a sanguine who is about to sell all their belongings to travel the world. You are a classy diplomate with an impeccable style and your designer jewelry shows it. If we take a look at your jewelry box we will discover pearl strands, solitaire rings, diamond studs, as well as linear drop earrings. You like your jewelry to be classy and elegant, just like you are.

Diana stud earrings by Ana Luisa go well with your personality type. Other jewelry that you are going to love are gemstone rings, bangle bracelets, and geometric earrings.

stud earrings

Melancholic personalities & designer jewelry

Unlike what most people believe, melancholic types are not necessarily, well, melancholic. They rather tend to be very calm and spend their free time daydreaming. You see the beauty in everything around you and, deep down, you are a convinced romantic. Whenever you get inside a room you bring a sort of peace with you that makes other people want to be close to you. And since you put a lot of thought into everything you do, your jewelry makes no exception. You love designer jewelry and fine pieces like delicate drop earrings, dainty necklaces, and subtle bangles.

Ana Luisa’s Edona silver pendant necklace with cubic zirconia is an ideal jewelry piece for you. Just pair it with your favorite chiffon dress and a relaxed updo. You will also love flower necklaces, chandelier earrings, and solitaire pearl rings.

pendant necklace

If you want to learn more about building a personal style, read out other inspirational articles as well. To view our unique jewelry collections, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry boutique.

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