Fall jewelry means one thing – summer is almost over. Drink your cocktails, go to the beach parties and get that perfect suntan without worrying what to wear this fall. We got your back and we have dug up the most important jewelry trends for you to try in the next months. So relax, enjoy the end of the summer and read further to discover the most important fall jewelry this year.

Fall jewelry trends & guidelines

This summer was a lot of fun with tassel earrings and gold hoops, as well as stacked bangles and rings. And who said that fun can’t continue during the fall? While you will still be able to wear most of your favorite pieces, you have new and exciting styles to look up to. Well, not exactly new since this fall is big on retro trends. It’s time to dig up in your grandmother’s jewelry box and give vintage pieces a new twist. Think about the 40s and even before that, back to art deco jewelry. Of course, the 70s will also make an appearance into the fall jewelry this year so don’t put your large hoop earrings to rest yet.

In terms of gemstones, you will see a lot of pearls, but also jade and colored gemstones. Besides the classic precious jewelry metals, alternative materials are also big this fall. Copper, brass and especially enamel will create fabulous and exciting fashion jewelry for you.

Fall jewelry & earrings

When it comes to earrings, this fall, you will have a lot to try on. Keep your large hoop earrings close and add geometric drop earrings, diamond studs and pearl clusters to your jewelry box. 70s style earrings will also be very fashionable and, if you are feeling bold and confident, also try a pair of sculptural ear-cuffs.

For example, Ana Luisa’s Emily painted enamel earrings will look fabulous with a pair of high-waist jeans, a colorful print tank top, and comfortable loafers. Don’t forget your oversized tote at home.

enamel drop earrings

Fall jewelry & bracelets

Gold chain bracelets with charms are especially fashionable this fall. Your stacked bangle bracelets are still in fashion while matching bracelets on each arm are the freshest jewelry trend. If you don’t have a tennis bracelet yet, you should consider getting one because it will look fabulous with your vintage pearl earrings.

Try Ana Luisa’s Emma onyx charm bracelet with a peplum dress, a pair of oversized sunglasses and a colorful clutch to add an elegant and chic vibe to your style.

onyx chain bracelet

Fall jewelry & necklaces

If you want to upgrade your fall jewelry and complete your wardrobe, get yourself an elegant strand of pearls, a jade necklace or a dainty chain necklace with colored gemstones. Nature-inspired accessories and flower motifs are also in fashion. And while the choker will take a step back this fall, the chain necklace in every shape and size will become a star. Lariats and other rope-length necklaces will also make a strong appearance.

If you are worried about your layered necklaces, you can relax. This trend is here to stay, so check out Ana Luisa’s Mia layered necklace. Wear it with a charm bracelet, a chiffon blouse and a pair of tailored trousers to get a fashionable and elegant look.

layered necklace

Fall jewelry & rings

Last, but not least, the fall jewelry this year will play a special emphasizes on vintage and cluster rings. Think color diamonds in chunky faceted cuts, signet rings, bezel settings and, of course, pearl rings. While with other jewelry types, the styles will be a mix of the 40s, 70s and Victorian fashion, the rings will mostly be inspired by art deco jewelry and Victorian era.

Match Ana Luisa’s Miruna onyx signet ring with a knee-length skater shirt, a satin blouse and a pair of suede ankle boots to get a fresh and unconventional style.

black onyx ring

Besides these jewelry pieces, also be on the lookout for maxi brooches, charm bracelets, anything geometric, and leather strap watches. Play with your fashion sense and don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, the fall jewelry this year promises us a lot of creativity and room for experimenting with different styles. Just remember that the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable wearing your jewelry. If a certain style doesn’t match your personality, simply choose something else. Always remember to incorporate jewelry trends into your own personal style.

For more fashion inspiration and advice, check out our other articles as well. To complete your fall jewelry collection with unique designer jewelry pieces, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry boutique.

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