Libra jewelry is just what you would expect from the zodiac sign: a balancing act. A Libra woman knows exactly which simple jewelry pieces are the perfect match for a statement piece.

You cannot place miss Libra into a specific style box. Being the air sign that she is, she is forever morphing into something new. Her taste changes over time so you never know what she is wearing next season. This is why her jewelry box is always filled to the brim. She doesn’t like parting with her old favorites but she can’t resist trying on something new, either.

How do you translate the inner chameleon of a Libra into a consistently cool look? Read on to discover all the surprises that Libra jewelry style holds and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry based on your star sign.

What Is Libra Jewelry Style?

A true Libra jewelry collection is filled with a variety of styles. At first, the connection between the pieces is difficult to find. However, as soon as a Libra works her magic and puts together her look then it makes all the sense in the world.

A Libra sees the complete picture before you do. She knows what the perfect complement is to each piece. This is why she knows that her bright turquoise choker pairs well with her subtle white gold studs.

Libras create a peaceful balance in their look. If they wear a statement piece then all other jewelry pieces are the calm background to that statement piece. If she wears a bright gemstone then the other pieces are solid gold or silver.

As for Libra jewelry trends, a Libra woman enjoys them but she does not plan her life around it. Libras are known for needing time to make decisions. A new jewelry trend is also a disrupting influence on their style balancing act. For a Libra to accept a new trend, she firstly needs to make sure that it fits in with her current Libra jewelry collection.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Libra

Libra jewelry favorites change over time. This season she might love the chunky chain link necklace while last season she stuck to the pearl pendant.

You can somewhat predict her new staples, though. Libra women go for the trends that she can still wear next season. So, nothing over the top in terms of size or color. The single statement earring? Probably not typical of Libra jewelry. A bright colored pair of enamel earrings, on the other hand, does fit her style.

Libras are an air sign and this comes back in Libra jewelry style. Libras naturally gravitate towards the color blue. Turquoise, blue sapphire and aquamarine are their favorite gemstones. You can also spot a splash of blue in enamel jewelry pieces or blue tassel earrings.

Libras also love layering necklaces, bracelets and stacking rings. This lets them put together different jewelry shapes and sizes like a puzzle piece. The final result always being a beautiful balanced picture.

And speaking of bracelets and Libra jewelry, the women born under this sign are also very spiritual. This is why getting a Libra bracelet that features your astrological sign is a great idea. Just layer it with your favorite bangles and beaded bracelets and you get a classic Libra jewelry style that looks impeccable.

Find Your Surprise

If a Libra could create perfect symmetry in the world, she would use all her power to do just that. Unfortunately for miss Libra, the world does not work that way. Instead, Libra women create a balance in their universe by playing with different sizes and styles.

For example, a Libra matches a braided gold and leather bracelet with delicate gold stringer earrings. She keeps the leather in the bracelet as the only surprise factor in her look. The rest of her jewelry is gold and a similar pattern to the braid. This creates a subtle pattern with a twist.

Perhaps that is the golden rule of Libra jewelry; have one surprise in your look. Copy this idea by choosing one focal point in your Libra jewelry pieces. Then, choose complementing pieces that are the opposite in size.

For example, balance out a chunky link chain jewelry piece with small round shapes in your other jewelry pieces. Or create a background for that bright gemstone with solid gold or silver jewelry.

Choose Organic Shapes

Surprisingly, geometric shapes are not characteristic of Libra jewelry. Organic abstract shapes are more characteristic of Libra jewelry. This is where the free spirit of Libras comes through.

Pearl hoop earrings

Think about it, air has no shape. It morphs through the spaces it moves through. Artsy jewelry pieces with unclear shapes are much more exciting for a Libra lady. However, this free jewelry form is then balanced again with other simple jewelry designs. Libra jewelry always creates a balance.

Fun organic Libra jewelry pieces are baroque pearl bracelets, chandelier earrings in an unexpected shape and layered necklaces. Perhaps the Libra is actively seeking for a challenge. She purposely looks for Libra jewelry pieces that are difficult to create symmetry with, just to prove that she can.

Though Libra women don’t necessarily have a lot of hoop earrings, when it comes to Libra jewelry, they would love this classy pair of Libra hoop earrings. With an artistic charm that features their star sign, these earrings are ideal to wear with the other jewelry that you love, like chunky link chain bracelets.

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