Virgo jewelry is a collection of all the classic pieces with a modern twist. Somehow, a Virgo manages an absolutely flawless look each and every time without needing the pop of a big statement piece.

A Virgo has exceptional style but is always subtle and never in your face with an unexpected new jewelry trend. This is because Miss Virgo knows exactly what works for her and sticks to it. Lady Virgo stays stylish without statement pieces or staying on top the jewelry trends. So, how does she do it?

The style rules of a Virgo are surprisingly simple. We can all learn from her. Read on to find out why your Virgo friend always looks effortlessly chic and how to capture that energy by learning how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

What Is Virgo Jewelry Style?

Virgo jewelry style is flawlessly simple, feminine and confident. We have a sneaking suspicion that all Parisiennes are secretly Virgos. Take your best Virgo girlfriend and place her next to a true French girl – they could be style sisters.

Just like their fashion sense, Virgo jewelry style is all about classic designs. No wild color combinations or oversized jewelry for miss Virgo. She sticks to the simple gold hoops, white pearls, single sweet pendant necklace and tennis bracelets.

There is always a feminine quality to Virgo jewelry pieces. But it is the sophisticated femininity of Parisian Women. In other words, nothing too girly like flower studs made of colorful gemstones. You also don’t find something obviously sexy like a body necklace in her jewelry collection.

As every woman loves hoops, so do Virgos. However, when it comes to Virgo jewelry and hoops, they prefer medium-sized designs with a modern twist. These Virgo hoop earrings are ideal for women born under this sign because they combine the trend of hoops with the zodiac jewelry trend and still look elegant and subtle.

Their favorite Virgo jewelry pairings also follow a clear pattern in materials, colors and design. Look into a Virgo jewelry box and you find mostly simple gold and silver jewelry. If you do find a semi-precious stone then it is probably pearls and clear crystals.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Virgo

Virgos choose delicate pieces over chunky jewelry, every time. Though Virgos are very confident, they don’t feel the need to flaunt their jewelry. This is why they prefer subtle pieces that are well made over an eye-catching statement piece.

Virgos are practical creatures and so are their jewelry pieces. They avoid Virgo jewelry pieces that dangle like chandelier earrings or stacked bracelets. They prefer pieces with a simple classic design.

Instead of a cocktail ring Virgos wear a solid gold ring in an interesting design. The gemstones that Virgos do wear on their fingers are clear crystals or a subtle color stone like moonstone, carnelian or peridot.

For bracelet, they prefers gold chain bracelets with a couple of charms, but not too many. For example, this beautiful Virgo bracelet makes for great Virgo jewelry as it is classy, elegant and feminine.

Pearl earrings are a Virgo jewelry favorite. It is a feminine classic. Don’t get us wrong though, classic does not mean outdated. A Virgo woman rocks the new modern pearl earring style like baroque pearls or pearl hoops.

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Virgos also love a sweet pendant necklace. They gravitate towards solid gold and silver necklaces with a traditional pendant like a cross, heart or coin. Virgos prefer shorter necklaces for practical reasons.

Match the Jewelry Pieces to the Outfit

Though Virgo jewelry is all about timeless pieces, Virgos don’t have a daily signature piece. They may seem effortlessly chic but trust us, they spend plenty of time putting together a look.

Every day, a Virgo woman matches her jewelry pieces to her outfit. They have a good eye for detail and are easily annoyed by something that is not perfect. This is why you see Virgo women wear different jewelry pieces every day. The jewelry must perfectly complement the clothing.

Take this Virgo jewelry style lesson. Perfectly matching jewelry to the outfit is a simple way to make the entire look more elevated. Even when you are having a casual jeans and white tee day, the right jewelry keeps you looking street chic.

An example of how a Virgo does it is by carrying the same color throughout the look. For example, wear that white t-shirt with moonstone jewelry. Or, wear gold jewelry with neutrals, warm tints and earthy colors. Wear silver jewelry with cooler colors like blue, green and white.

Stick to a Single Style

Virgo jewelry style always has a clear pattern. Each piece that she wears looks like it belongs in the same designer collection.

Virgos don’t like to mix and match different jewelry styles. For example, she doesn’t wear a roman coin necklace with a modern tennis bracelet. Virgos match the roman coin necklace with a signet ring, instead.

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Virgo jewelry style doesn’t mix gemstones, either. They prefer a single gemstone in the entire look or only pair pieces with the same gemstone. So, a silver pearl pendant necklace means either pearl earrings or sterling silver huggie earrings.

Virgo jewelry style sticks to one clear aesthetic that comes back in each look layer. If you want to find out more about Virgo jewelry or jewelry in general, continue on this blog. To see any of the creations featured in this article and more unique zodiac jewelry, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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