Looking for Christmas outfit ideas? That’s great because, in this article, you will not get only one, but five fabulous ideas. Discover our gorgeous & unique jewelry and the best outfits for X-mas this year. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, relax and start studying your X-mas outfit possibilities. It is never too soon to start preparing to look gorgeous. Learn how to style our fine gemstone jewelry with various trending outfits and have a very merry & stylish Christmas.

Christmas outfit ideas – 5 superb themes

The most important thing about your X-mas look is that it needs to have a theme. No, this doesn’t mean that you should wear a reindeer nose and Santa’s hat. It means that you need to think of a classy theme in order to create a cohesive outfit. This is why our Christmas outfit ideas are each based on a beautiful theme.

  1. Sparkling diamonds & festive velvet

The first of our Christmas outfit ideas is all about diamonds and glamour. Have a glamorous X-mas and dazzle everybody with your subtle, yet irresistible sparkle. All you need in terms of jewelry is Ana Luisa’s diamond jewelry set.

Featuring a pair of delicate diamond stud earrings and a dainty diamond pendant necklace, this set is feminine, chic and stunning. The diamonds look fantastic in 14k solid gold settings and create an elegant contrast. And don’t worry about the provenience of our diamonds. We used lab-grown, clean & perfectly traceable diamonds. They have the same qualities as mined diamonds, but, unlike mined ones, our diamonds are ethical.

Christmas outfit ideas

Combing back to Christmas outfit ideas, wear this set. Pull your hair back so that your stud earrings are visible. Choose a simple navy or black velvet dress and lacquer stiletto shoes. Since you are wearing diamonds, your dress should be as simple as possible. However, you can bring back some of the diamonds’ sparkle by wearing a jewel clutch.

  1. Celestial jewelry & Christmas outfit ideas

Celestial jewelry is great for X-mas. It has a festive vibe, it is elegant and fairy-like. So if you want to shoot for the stars with your Christmas outfit ideas, go ahead and wear celestial jewelry.

Choose Ana Luisa’s Raya earrings with a cluster of sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones. Wear a messy updo so that your earrings are visible. Bring back the clear sparkle of your earrings in your necklace. Wear Ana Luisa’s Cardi layered necklace that features a gold horn long pendant necklace and a shorter star pendant necklace with a center cubic zirconia gem. Don’t wear any other jewelry, let your gemstones create the sensation of a stunning glow.

Christmas outfit ideas

As for your clothes, wear a royal blue bodycon dress with a V-neckline, stilettos and a simple royal blue clutch. You can also add a faux-fur coat to create a glamorous vibe. We know you are loving this, but keep on reading to discover more Christmas outfit ideas.

  1. Dreaming of a pearly white Christmas

Our Christmas outfit ideas couldn’t exclude pearls, of course. We love pearls, you love them too, so wear them for X-mas.

Christmas outfit ideas

Choose Ana Luisa’s M.I.M. pearl drop earrings and style them with our Tilda layered necklace and Oblivion pearl charm bracelet. Let your pearls become the focal point of your outfit. Wear your hair on one side, a solid color silk blouse, and a midi skirt. Choose suede boots and a small chain bag to complete your look.

layered necklaces

Continue reading for more Christmas outfit ideas and to discover more inspiration for your X-mas look.

  1. Golden days of X-mas

Traditionally, the colors of Christmas are gold and red. If you want Christmas outfit ideas that follow the tradition, then try a red & gold look. If you want this outfit to work, choose only simple gold jewelry without gemstones.

everyday jewelry

Try Ana Luisa’s Inta gold drop earrings and our classy Aurora gold beaded necklace. Add the final touch with a chunky gold ring, such as Ana Luisa’s Noa ring. And since we promised traditional Christmas outfit ideas, choose a red skater dress, gold stiletto shoes, and a red clutch or chain bag. Make sure that the color of your bag is the same shade as your dress.

vintage fine jewelry

london jewelers manhasset

  1. Silvery wonder on Christmas

One of our favorite Christmas outfit ideas is to go with a contemporary, sleek look by choosing silver jewelry. In fact, for this outfit, be daring and go monochrome.

Wear a mini silver sequin dress and silver shoes. Add a subtle colorful note with Ana Luisa’s Jenny silver earrings that feature a turquoise lacquer band. Don’t wear a necklace because it doesn’t really work with sequin dresses. Instead, wear Ana Luisa’s Michelle bracelet. Add a statement jewelry piece with our Noa chunky silver ring.

sterling silver bracelet

dome ring

If you enjoyed discovering our Christmas outfit ideas, keep on reading to find more inspirational fashion advice. At Ana Luisa, we constantly publish content with lots of information about jewelry fashion, buying guides and more. Follow our blog to become a jewelry expert and upgrade your personal style.

If you want to check out any of the creations featured in this article or discover more unique jewelry for your Christmas outfit ideas, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Check out our elegant jewelry collections and choose the pieces that you love. At Ana Luisa, you will always find unique, gorgeous & sustainable jewelry.

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