You know you can’t resist the rose gold jewelry trend. Just like people who say they don’t like cats and end up having three of them, no matter what you think about rose gold jewelry, you will end up loving it. How do we know this? Because, except for pearl strands, we have never seen a jewelry trend go global in such a short amount of time. And why shouldn’t it? Of all the different jewelry metals, rose gold is the most romantic one. It’s elegant, dreamy and very feminine. And because we have used our crystal globe and have foreseen the rose gold future, let’s see how you can style this classy jewelry. Read further to find out how to style rose gold jewelry like a fashion pro.

Layer your rose gold necklaces

What could be better than a delicate rose gold chain necklace with a fine pendant? Two or three of them at the same time. In case you have missed out the latest fashion shows, layered necklaces are a big hit. And when it comes to rose gold jewelry, better than wearing a chunky statement necklace is to stack two or three delicate chains. This type of precious metal is very feminine and it looks best with minimal or fine styles.

When you layer your necklaces, make sure they have different lengths. This will create a fashionable and creative effect. Wear other rose gold jewelry as well to stay in the theme. A pair of rose gold studs along with a bangle bracelet will complement and define your look.

Wear a fine gemstone rose gold pendant

If layered necklaces aren’t your thing and you love the minimal style more, choose a rose gold pendant with a pearl. It can also be a clear crystal or diamond. Remember that rose gold jewelry looks best with neutral colors when it comes to clothes and gemstones. A blushed rose gold pendant with a tiny pearl gemstone goes wonderfully with a pair of pearl cluster earrings and a subtle chain bracelet.

Keep your outfit style minimal as well and choose a pair of cigarette pants and a simple white shirt. You can draw attention to your rose gold jewelry by wearing your hair up in a ponytail or relaxed updo style.

A set of rose gold jewelry

We know what you are thinking. We don’t like sets or to be too matchy-matchy either. But we didn’t say that you needed to wear rose gold jewelry form the same set. A cool idea is to combine your jewelry according to the story you want to tell. Do you have a pair of ball drop rose gold earrings? Great! Add a geometric triangle pendant and a square ring to get a coordinated look. You can also coordinate your rose gold jewelry according to other themes, like gemstones. Pearls, opals, and moonstones look especially good together. Of course, you have more options, you just have to get creative.

Mix and match your gold jewelry

Another way to style rose gold jewelry is to mix it with other gold jewelry. For example, a rose gold bangle, along with a yellow gold cuff and a white gold chain bracelet will look delicious. If you stack your bracelets, keep your rings and necklaces minimal.

When it comes to mixing and matching gold jewelry, stacked bracelets aren’t your only option. You can also stack rings, necklaces, and even earrings, as long as you have a pair of cartilage hoops. What about mixing those metals without stacking jewelry? Well, it can get complicated if you don’t have a piece that ties your look together. We recommend wearing a pair of rose gold and white gold earrings with a white gold necklace, for example. You get the idea. The most important thing is to have an element that features both metals you are mixing.

Rose gold jewelry and your outfits

We talked a lot about wearing rose gold jewelry with other jewelry, but what about your outfit? Well, as it turns out, this type of gold is pretty versatile and it can look great with many outfit styles. However, it does not look great with any color.

Rose gold jewelry looks best with neutral colors like navy, white, black, beige, and cream. It can also work with deep blue or even a dark green, but please don’t wear it with yellow, orange or red. If you do, it will clash with your outfit and the result will be a disintegrated look.

When it comes to patterns, as long as your rose gold jewelry is simple, you can wear it with any patterns. However, if you have a chunky rose gold cuff that features gemstones, choose a simple outfit for it.

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