The New Year’s party is almost here and it is going to be fabulous. To make sure that you feel fabulous all night long as you drink champagne and welcome the New Year in style, it’s time to prepare your outfit. The New Year jewelry is the first to think about. Don’t have inspiration on how to style fine gemstone jewelry? Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. Read further to discover five unique New Year jewelry ideas along with some fabulous outfits to try on.

New Year jewelry ideas

Before we start talking about New Year jewelry, let’s see some of the trends for this winter. Polished metallic looks, chunky pieces, vivid gemstones or pearls are some of the best jewelry pieces to wear this winter. Layered necklaces are hotter than ever, while coin pendants add a charming vintage vibe to any outfit. Statement rings and colorful earrings balance an icy look and create a gorgeous effect. Last, but not least, oversized link chain necklaces and stacked rings will get you noticed no matter where you go. So how can you take advantage of all the creativity the New Year jewelry has to offer? With the right outfit, of course. Depending on the party you will attend and your personal style, we have come up with 4 unique ideas. Read on to discover the perfect New Year jewelry & outfit for you.

  1. Outdoors city party

With stunning fireworks, concerts and outdoor festivals, some of the best New Year parties take place in crowded outdoor plazas where people get to be together and have fun. If you are planning to spend New Year outdoors, it’s time to plan your outfit. Who said you can’t be glamorous even when dressed from head to toe? Embrace this winter’s faux fur trend with a warm and glamorous faux fur coat. Add a pair of lace tights and over-the-knee black or white boots. And what about the New Year jewelry?

drop earrings

Complement your coat with a pair of pearl drop earrings featuring a baroque pearl to get a fabulous vintage vibe with a contemporary twist. You can skip on the necklace as it will not be visible anyway, but stack up your rings. Try some cocktail rings or a couple of lacquer rings in black and white.

  1. New Year’s part in a ballroom

If you like to get all fancy for New Year and plan to attend a ballroom party, then you will need a fabulous outfit. Forget mini dresses and go all in with a maxi velvet gown. Choose a vibrant color like navy or burgundy and style your hair so that your earrings will be visible. You are going to wear a pair of statement earrings that will grab all the attention.

gold statement earrings

As velvet looks fabulous with yellow gold, choose a pair of all-metal gold statement earrings. Again, you won’t need a necklace, especially if your gown features sequins, but a chunky gold cuff with blue gemstones in a bezel setting will look stunning. To add the final touch to this outfit, choose a delicate gold ring that features the same gemstone as the cuff. Your New Year jewelry will be the star of the evening.

  1. New Year’s party in a club

Get grooving and dance all night long for this party! If you plan on putting on your dance shoes for the New Year’s party, then you need to embrace this winter’s fringe trend. Even better, choose fringe with a sequin touch. Your New Year jewelry needs to reflect this trend as well if you want to create a balanced look.

rose gold ball stud earrings

Wear a fringe metallic slip dress in silver or gold and a pair of neutral stiletto shoes. You can also try a messy updo or a natural wavy hairstyle. Since your dress will be the star of the night, your New Year jewelry will have to play the supporting roles. Put on a pair of solid gold studs, all-metal, no gemstones. Depending on the color of your dress, you can choose yellow, white or even rose gold. Add a subtle bangle and a ball chain necklace to bring back the shape of your studs. You can also mix and match gold colors to get a fashionable modern look.

gold vermeil

  1. New Year’s party in a restaurant

If you love great conversation, drinking delicious wine and trying new food, then you are going to have your New Year’s party in a restaurant. This is a perfect location, not as elegant as a ballroom but still fancier than a club. In a restaurant, your New Year jewelry will be the stars of the evening.

december jewelry

You can go for a cocktail dress in a neutral color of a pair of tailored trousers with an elegant off-white blouse. Your red lacquer stiletto shoes are a must, of course. Choose a deep-V neckline for your outfit so you will be able to wear a statement necklace or more necklaces. Put on a pre-layered necklace to emphasize your figure. For the earrings, you can bring back some of the elements from your necklace, but choose subtle designs. For example, a pair of thick and small gold hoops will look fabulous. Leave your bracelets at home and wear a single cocktail ring to complete the outfit.

earrings for woman

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