Hair jewelry is exactly that, jewelry that you wear in your hair. You can also use your regular jewelry pieces like a necklace or cuff bracelet and wear that in your hair. Does that sound funny to you? Trust us, when you style fine gemstone jewelry into your hair it can look amaizng. We’ve put together a list of hair jewelry types and also some jewelry hacks that you can style into your hair. Are you ready for a whole new world of jewelry? Read on to find out how you can turn any day into a good hair day.

Oriental Headpieces

Channelling princess Yasmin now. Oriental headpieces are the best kind of hair jewelry. You can’t help but feel absolutely fab in one of these. This is how you feel like a princess without wearing a tiara.

When it comes to headpieces, the simpler the better. You don’t want this to become a costume look. We like simple gold chains and subtle gemstones like pearls or small clear stones. This simple style will also work with any hair color, from brown and blond to candyfloss pink.

Wear your hair down for a flowy effortless look. You can also wear a sparkly headpiece with braiding for a more casual feel.

Keeping It Together with Hair Jewelry

If you are anything like us, then a bun coming loose is one of the things you just have to deal with. Well, we have a hack for you then. Take one of your cuff bracelets or broad bangles and use it to secure your bun.

You can go for a cute and quirky look by wearing a high bun with a geometric shaped bangle. A low messy bun instantly looks intentional when you use a bracelet to secure it at the nape of your neck. Now that’s what we call functional fashion.

Gemstone Necklaces for Pretty Braids

Upgrade your daily braid by working a necklace with gemstones into it. The necklace will fold into your braid nicely. Choose gemstones that create a contrast with your hair color. For example, jade in brown hair, cubic zirconia in red hair and shiny opals in blonde hair.

You can also look for strands that were specifically designed as hair jewelry. These pieces will have a clip that makes it easier to secure the jewelry in your hair. It is definitely easier than hiding the clasp of your necklace.

Ringing in a New Trend

We are borrowing this hair jewelry idea from Cleopatra and secretly a bit from Captain Jack Sparrow, too. We love beads and rings in long beautiful locks. It gives off a boho vibe that makes you want to go on an adventure.

Hair rings are the ultimate festival hair jewelry. Get a set of identical rings and beads or mix and match different materials and designs. The pieces are small so you can take more risks when styling this hair jewelry.

You can also use your regular rings to create a hair jewelry style. Pinky rings work best because they are smaller. You can also incorporate engraved banded rings into a braid if you are worried about the pieces falling off.

Headbands for a Tropical Feminine Look

We’ve seen headbands come back on the accessory scene but headbands that are actually hair jewelry are even better. Think delicate silver strands or a band of tanzanite and rubies. This is the kind of accessory that transforms your look.

Headbands work best with simple hair styles. This is what you need when your hair doesn’t want to do anything you are trying to make it do. Just let your hair down, place a pretty headband on top and head out the door. No one will guess you had a hair emergency.

For a modern twist, wear your headband on the side. It is an unexpected look and oh so chic. You can secure it better with a thick braid.

Barrettes & Pins for a Dusting of Sparkle

Slipping in a few pins or an embellished barrette is an easy way to look classier. Pins especially, can create a very romantic look. They will disappear into your hair, leaving a scattering of jewels which looks nothing short of magical.

Try to match the color of the gems in your pins and barrettes with your other jewelry pieces. Hair jewelry is still jewelry so the same rules of pairing apply.

We hope that we have been able to enlighten you on this special kind of jewelry. Hair jewelry is so easily forgotten, unfortunately. Having a few pieces in your jewelry box that can do double duty are great for when you want to switch things up. Have you found the perfect hair jewelry already? Keep reading for more jewelry pairing inspiration.

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