Gold vermeil jewelry sounds exciting, fashionable and stylish. But is there a right time to wear gold vermeil? Are there occasions when you shouldn’t? As we often say, when styling fine gemstone jewelry, the occasion is very important. Sure, your outfit, hair and other jewelry matter as well, but never forget about the occasion. As you can’t go to the gym wearing a big pair of chandelier diamond earrings or go to a formal event wearing your cute wood hoops, you need to learn how to style jewelry according to the occasion. Want to learn more about gold vermeil and when to wear it? Read on to find out.

What is gold vermeil?

First things first, let’s talk a little bit about gold vermeil. You have probably heard of this term before, but there are some specifics you need to know.

In order for a jewelry piece to meet the standards of gold vermeil and be called as such, it needs to have three properties. Firstly, the core metal of the piece needs to be silver. If it’s brass, copper or any other metal, you may have a gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry piece, but not a vermeil one. Secondly, as the name suggests it, the piece needs to be plated with gold. Again, if you have a silver jewelry piece with a rhodium plating, for example, that is not gold vermeil. And last, but not least, the thickness of the gold layer needs to be at least 2.5 microns which, in the jewelry world, translates as a thick layer of gold.

Basically, gold vermeil combines the best properties of two precious metals. It has that luxurious golden look and is as affordable as a solid silver piece.

Wearing gold vermeil

Choosing to wear a gold vermeil jewelry piece is not rocket science. However, there are a couple dos and don’ts and by reading further to ensure not only an impeccable style but also the appropriate care for your gold vermeil jewelry.

When you shouldn’t wear gold vermeil

We will start with the don’ts as these are very important to remember. The dos represent styling inspiration and, even though interesting, you need to know what to avoid firstly.

If you want to maintain your vermeil jewelry, then you shouldn’t wear it when you go to a pool party, at the seaside or when exercising. Water can interact with the metals in your jewelry pieces and cause an accelerated wear & tear process. Also, perspiration caused by performing intense physical activities can also damage your gold vermeil as it is acidic. Remember that your jewelry means a thick layer of gold over silver. This means that the gold layer can wear off and this is especially true if your jewelry comes in contact with water or acidic substances.

Moving to the style section, you shouldn’t wear gold vermeil if all your other jewelry is silver. Technically, gold vermeil is also silver, but the thing is it looks like gold. And yes, we know what you are thinking. You can combine gold with silver, but, in order to achieve a balanced chic look, you need to wear a piece that features both metals on the outside. In other words, if you are wearing your gold vermeil ball chain necklace, choose a pair of earrings that feature both gold and silver.

When you should wear gold vermeil

You can, of course, wear gold vermeil every single day. For example, when going to work, you can easily pair your vermeil studs with a thin gold bangle and a cocktail ring. This look works great with suits, tailored trousers and even smart-casual outfits like skinny jeans and solid white shirts.

For after-work happy hour, a cocktail party or a night out with the girls, you can try a pair of oversized vermeil hoops, a thin gold collar and a couple of stacked gold bangles. As for your outfit, your little black dress is perfect for the occasion. Of course, it can also be red, blue or purple. The beauty of gold is that it works great with almost any color. Well, except for orange but, anyway, can you honestly say that you like orange?

If you are planning a romantic date, there’s nothing more feminine than a rose gold vermeil ball chain necklace, a nature-inspired ring and a pair of subtle pearl drop earrings. Your retro skirt or your flowy dress will look fantastic with these pieces. To complete the look, wear your hair in an interesting braid and add a touch of soft-colored lipstick.

gold vermeil

And what about those fancy occasions? Can you wear gold vermeil to a formal event? Of course, you can. For your cousin’s wedding, you can choose an elegant sparkly monochrome look. A gold sequin dress will look fabulous with a thick vermeil gemstone cuff and a pair of chandelier earrings. You can also wear a beautiful solitaire ring, but it’s best to leave your necklace at home as you don’t want it to clash with your dress. Make your gold vermeil jewelry the star of the evening and use your gown as a canvass for your pieces. A dress in a muted color looks fantastic with a gemstone statement necklace, a tennis bracelet and a pair of gold vermeil earrings with diamonds or clear crystals.

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