Your prom jewelry will help you create a wonderful outfit for an amazing night. You only graduate from high school once, so you need to really celebrate this. We know that you spent a year searching for the perfect dress and a fabulous pair of shoes to go with it, but don’t forget about your prom jewelry. The pieces you decide to wear are as important as the dress itself. So read further to find out what prom jewelry to wear on your special night and what styling mistakes to avoid.

Prom jewelry dos & don’ts

When it comes to prom jewelry, there are some important rules to consider. As you’ve seen it on the Red Carpet, sometimes, celebrities have a flawless outfit that gets ruined because of the jewelry. To help you avoid mistakes, here are the most important dos & don’ts for prom jewelry:

  • DO wear drop earrings with your hair up.
  • DO wear statement necklaces with strapless dresses and simple necklines.
  • DO choose simple jewelry with dresses that have an elaborate design or lots of sparkle.
  • DO consider your personal comfort. A heavy pair of earrings could make you feel uncomfortable and ruin your night, for example.
  • DON’T wear more than two statement pieces at once.
  • DON’T choose a statement necklace with dangle earrings
  • DON’T over-accessorize. Your jewelry needs to complement your outfit, you don’t need to wear your entire jewelry box at once.

Prom jewelry & earrings

When you decide what earrings to wear on your prom night, you should already know what your hair is going to look like. Statement earrings (chandelier, drop, tassel or dangle earrings) look great if you are wearing your hair up. If you choose to wear your hair down, you can try diamond studs or oversized gold hoops.

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Another thing you need to consider when you choose your prom earrings is the color and texture of your ensemble. If you dress has a neutral color, then you can wear a pair of colorful earrings to brighten your look. However, if your dress has a powerful color (or more), choose a pair of earrings of the same tone to create a nice balance.

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Prom jewelry & necklaces

A prom necklace is usually a collar or a choker. Of course, you can also choose a lariat or a rope-length strand of pearls. The most important thing you need to consider when you wear a prom necklace is the neckline of your dress. You want the neckline to complement the necklace, not clash with it. Also, if your dress features gemstones or other details around the bust area, it is best to choose a simple and delicate necklace or none at all.

Prom jewelry & bracelets

As your bracelets and rings are close on your body, you need to pay attention to both of them when choosing your prom bracelet. A statement cuff will look gorgeous with a delicate ring or even without rings. However, it will clash terribly with a cocktail ring, so make sure you don’t wear your chunky pieces together. Most prom dresses don’t have sleeves but, however, if you have a prom dress with a sleeve, leave your bracelets at home. Once again, pay attention to the design of your dress. If it is very elaborate and with lots of details, wear simple and delicate bracelets.

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Prom jewelry & rings

When it comes to choosing your prom ring, you have more freedom than with other jewelry types. For example, you can wear a chunky ring with a statement necklace or even statement earrings. As long as you don’t wear your ring with a statement bracelet you should be fine. Also, don’t forget about the initial rule that you can only wear two statement pieces at once.

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Other prom jewelry

Some women love to wear tiaras and headbands to the prom and why shouldn’t they? These are elegant and feminine accessories and they complete a stylish look. However, if you choose to wear a headband or a tiara, make sure to balance your other pieces of jewelry. Go for a delicate necklace or no necklace at all and wear an elegant cuff. Also, if your tiara is a statement one, just wear simple diamond studs and avoid big earrings.

Your prom night is a very special night and this is why you should spend some time planning it. Choose your prom jewelry carefully and wear pieces that make you feel comfortable. If statement jewelry is not your style, just forget it. The most important thing is for you to feel good and let your personal style shine through your clothes and accessories. For more fashion advice, consult our other articles as well. Visit Ana Luisa online jewelry boutique to discover designer jewelry pieces in limited editions.

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