The summer is almost upon us and any woman who loves jewelry and trends is already looking for the pieces of the season. Summer jewelry this year is fun, artistic, creative and sparkling. You can see a lot of nature-inspired pieces, bright gemstones and lots of gold. If last year’s craze was rose gold, this summer yellow gold is king. Ready to up your jewelry game? Then read further to discover the best summer jewelry pieces for this season and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

Summer Jewelry & Shells

People have always loved shells with their pretty colors and beautiful shapes, but this year shell jewelry comes as a powerful trend. Whether you like colorful shells on a string or love to wear fine pieces inspired by shells, you are in for a treat. This summer jewelry trend has already started to capture our hearts and why shouldn’t it?

Show your love for the deep blue ocean and beach parties with a delicate pair of shell gold stud earrings. The best part with shell earrings is that you get to wear them on multiple occasions. Feel like adding a touch of playful glamour to your office outfit? Then put on your shell studs, a delicate pendant necklace with a bright gemstone like rose quartz or aquamarine and a gold chain bracelet to tie up the look. Accessorize your jewelry with cream crop trousers, an off-white blouse and big sunglasses for a perfect day at the office.

If you want your shell jewelry to be the theme of your boho-chic outfit, then style your shell earrings with a turquoise beaded necklace and a charm anklet. A deep blue midi skirt and a simple crop top will work wonderfully with this look.

As you can see, there is no single way to wear shell jewelry. This is why we love this summer jewelry trend and can’t wait for you to try it too.

Summer Jewelry & Anklets

Ankle bracelets are, by definition, summer jewelry pieces. After all, we can’t exactly style anklets with long boots, can we? If you have a secret passion for anklets, then let it out in the open because summer jewelry this year features a lot of designs for ankle bracelets. Gold anklets, anklets with charms and beads or simple chain ankle bracelets capture our hearts this summer.

Traditionally, when we talk about anklets we think of beach walks in flowy dresses and flip-flops or flat sandals. But because anklets are an important part of the summer jewelry trends this year, you can start wearing them for other occasions as well. A mini bodycon black dress and a pair of stiletto shoes will look dashing with a subtle gold ankle bracelet. Crop trousers, a graphic tee, and coral sandals also look fabulous with an anklet. Use your imagination and make the most of this summer jewelry trend.

Summer Jewelry & Colorful Rings

All-metal rings or solitaire ring with clear gemstones are still trendy but, as far as summer jewelry trends go, it’s time to freshen up your jewelry collection with a couple of ring with colorful gemstones. Color is an important part of the summer jewelry trend and we love it.

From pretty purple to delicate rose and vibrant aquamarine, rings become a lot more colorful this summer. Get yourself a beautiful solitaire ring with a colored gemstone and have fun styling it. You can combine more summer jewelry trends and wear your aquamarine ring with a gold shell pendant and an anklet with deep blue beads. Another great idea is to stack more colorful rings on the same finger and create a statement look. Go ahead and have fun with this summer jewelry trend. When stacking your rings, though, you need to keep your other jewelry minimal and let the colored gemstones take the center stage.

Summer Jewelry & Colorful Pearl Drop Earrings

While pearls are still in trend this summer and we don’t expect them to go anywhere, a new summer jewelry trend has emerged pearl drop earrings in vibrant colors.

From powder pink to sage and deep blue, pearl drop earrings have become a lot more interesting. Make the most of this summer jewelry trend and get yourself a beautiful pair of royal blue pearl drops. Choose a baroque pearl shape instead of a classic one and wear your hair up so that everybody can admire your earrings. Bring back the royal blue color in your shoes, but keep the rest of your outfit in neutral colors so that it acts like a canvass for your jewelry. You can skip on the necklace, but do wear a delicate gold chain bracelet, an anklet or a chunky gold ring to tie up this look.

Summer jewelry trends are fabulous this year and we feel that the future is bright and full of color. If you enjoyed this article and feel inspired by it, check out the rest of our other articles. You will find a lot of interesting ideas and important styling advice that will help you become a jewelry expert in no time.

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