So, you have the dress but now you need prom jewelry ideas. You are in the right place because girl, we have lots of special occasion jewelry ideas. We don’t even need specifics on your dress. That’s how good we are.

Okay, we do need some details on your dress but how do we ask you? Here is how we solve both our problems. We take a look at the best prom jewelry ideas for different necklines, silhouettes and colors. Are you as excited about prom as we are? Feel like a princess with these jewelry tips for prom night and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry.

Strapless Ball Gowns, Mermaid & Trumpet Dresses: Chokers & Drop Earrings

Strapless dresses are great for showing off your shoulders and neck. A strapless ball gown, mermaid dress and trumpet dress are probably the most elegant type of prom dresses so keep the prom jewelry ideas classic.

Pearl drop earrings are still one of our favorites for prom jewelry ideas. Give this earring style a modern twist with a pair mixing pearls and colorful gemstones. Match the color of the gemstone to the color of your dress.

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Whether your strapless gown is a sweetheart neckline or a straight strapless dress, chokers are best as far as prom jewelry ideas go. A choker necklace does not cover up those features you are highlighting by wearing a strapless dress.

There are two types of chokers that we love as prom jewelry ideas; a velvet choker and a gemstone choker. The velvet choker works great with dark prom dress colors like black, aubergine or plum red. The gemstone choker is extra glam with a light dress color, especially one with beading and sparkle.

Tee-Length Dress & Mini Dress: Chunky Bracelet & Chandelier Earrings

A shorter prom dress calls for longer and wider jewelry pieces. Insert a chunky bracelet and chandelier earrings.

If you are wearing a shorter dress we are guessing that you like dancing in it so here is one of the best prom jewelry ideas: skip the necklace. We don’t want the necklace tangling in your hair while you are shaking it on the dance floor.

Choose a chunky bracelet that fits your personal style and dress. Go for a wide clear crystal bracelet if you like a glam look, for example. Or choose something edgier like a textured gold bangle.

Our prom jewelry ideas top tip for the chandelier earrings is matching the color of your dress. Chandelier earrings are quite the statement piece so this is where you pay attention to detail. Go for a monochromatic look by wearing earrings in the same color as your dress. Or, stand out even more with a complementary color like yellow chandelier earrings with a blue dress.

A-line Dress: Tassel Earrings & Pendant Necklace

An A-line dress is comfortable and flows like a dream. It is also super classy. That is why we think that a classic pendant necklace works best for this look. We still want a fresh and fun look though. That is where the tassel earrings come in.

Balance out the length of the necklace with the neckline of your dress. Meaning, wear a longer necklace with a lower neckline and a shorter necklace with a higher neckline. Keep some space between the tip of your pendant and your dress.

spring jewelry

There are no prom jewelry ideas limitations for the pendant necklace. Sterling silver jewelry looks nice against a dark prom dress but also against pastel colors. Gold necklaces look pretty with warm and deep tones. Match a bright prom dress with an equally bright gemstone.

When it comes to tassel earrings, the brighter the color the better, especially when it comes to prom jewelry ideas. Avoid a color overload by wearing tassel earrings in the same color as your dress. You can also subdue the color by wearing earrings where tassels are only a detail. For example, a clear crystal drop earring with a short tassel at the end or gold hoops with tassels.

Final Prom Jewelry Ideas

Did we miss your dress on our list? No worries, we are covering all the bases. Here are a couple more prom jewelry ideas that apply to all kinds of prom dresses.

When you are struggling with pairing the right jewelry pieces together, go for a jewelry set. These are already put together for you so that is one less thing for you to stress about.

Find balance between your dress and jewelry. Wear a larger jewelry piece where you are showing more skin. Also, think about the volume of the dress. Wear bigger jewelry for more voluminous dress and more delicate jewelry for shorter tight-fitting dresses. Also, don’t wear too many pieces and don’t layer your jewelry pieces. You still want to dance without bling flying around on the dance floor or getting stuck on your dress.

If you enjoyed reading about prom jewelry ideas, check out the rest of our articles as well and get the inspiration you need to become a fashion icon. And now that you have set your eyes on some pieces it’s time to visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and get the jewelry of your dream for this prom. Discover stunning prom jewelry ideas and unique pieces by visiting our designer jewelry collections. We promise you will find the perfect jewelry for your special night.

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