Everyday jewelry is often underrated when it comes to styling. There are those pieces that you put on without even thinking and are so used to them they have become your second skin. You know what we are talking about. Maybe it’s that pair of gold hoops or that pendant necklace that you never take off. And while it’s great to own versatile pieces that work for any occasion, this doesn’t mean that you can get creative when styling them. Looking for some fresh ideas to style your everyday jewelry? Then read on to discover how to style fine gemstone jewelry and get creative with your favorite pieces.

Styling everyday jewelry the right way – sterling silver hoops

Silver hoops are versatile and easy to incorporate into your daily outfits. Whether you love silver huggies or large sterling silver hoop earrings, you can always depend on those sleek pieces. They work with both casual and elegant outfits and you can wear them with any color. However, there is more to silver hoops than versatility.

sterling silver earrings

Freshen up your everyday jewelry style by mixing and matching your silver hoops. Mismatched earrings are a great trend this season, so why not wear your hoops mismatched? For example, you can choose to wear a large sterling silver hoop in one ear and a mini silver hoop in your other ear. For this look, you need to wear your hair up and create balance by adding a short silver necklace, like a collar or a choker. If you want to get a geometric effect, instead of wearing a large and a mini hoop, try mixing a large hoops earring with a silver linear drop earring. Complete the fab effect with a lariat and a silver bangle bracelet.

Reinventing your cubic zirconia stud earrings

Love wearing sparkling studs that easily blend with your daily outfit while also offering you an elegant vibe? That’s great because we love them too. Whether you choose crystal, diamond or cubic zirconia studs, the effect is an elegant one. However, even though studs are great, you need to think a little bit about matching them. These cute everyday jewelry types work with basically anything, but you can always take your styling skills to the next level and get creative.

Wear these everyday jewelry pieces with a couple of other earrings. If you don’t have more than one piercing, then you can always get fake piercing earrings. Create a layered look by wearing your sparkling studs with huggies or ear cuffs. Add a thin floating gemstone necklace and complete your look with a chunky silver or gold ring.

Everyday jewelry styling with a gold coin necklace

Since the gold coin necklace made a comeback, every woman owns at least one. This everyday jewelry piece is cute and fabulous. Whether you are wearing a coin necklace with an actual coin pendant or a necklace with a round pendant resembling a coin, you are in for a treat. Because putting on your coin necklace and your favorite tee is not the only way to style this fab everyday jewelry piece.

They say less is more but we believe that sometimes more is more. So go for a layered look with your gold coin necklace and a blouse with a deep-V neckline. Wear a thin gold choker and a long beaded necklace. You can also style your coin necklace with other pendant necklaces. However, the most important thing is to wear necklaces of different lengths. For this layered look, choose a pair of delicate and small earrings and a simple bangle bracelet.

A finger party instead of a simple gold ring

A simple gold ring is an everyday jewelry piece that we almost never take off. It’s easy to style it because it doesn’t have gemstones and, over time, it almost becomes part of your body. But the time has come to pay attention to your versatile gold ring.

non diamond engagement ring

As you can imagine, we are going for a stacked look this time. You can either wear your simple gold ring on the same finger with other rings or wear rings on almost all of your fingers. The most important thing is to avoid statement jewelry with this look. Leave your bracelet at home, go for studs and perhaps a minimal dainty necklace. As for the rings you are wearing, mix your everyday jewelry piece with chunky rings, gemstone solitaire rings, and even midi bands.

Simple gold drop earrings & your everyday jewelry

Those elegant and feminine gold drop earrings that you wear all the time need a little bit of sprucing up, don’t you think? We love gold drops but we also love combining them with other fab jewelry pieces.

Freshen up your everyday jewelry pieces by styling your gold drop earrings with gemstones in vibrant colors. For example, you can wear them with a gemstone pendant necklace featuring a turquoise gem. Create a gradient look by also wearing a gemstone cuff bracelet with aquamarine and a lapis lazuli ring.

If you enjoyed discovering how to style your everyday jewelry, then check out the rest of our articles as well for more styling inspiration. And because we know you have fallen in love with our unique designer jewelry, head out to Ana Luisa to get any of the pieces featured in this article. Discover our fabulous collections of unique pieces and up your jewelry game.

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