Pride is coming and with it there comes the important question – what to wear to pride this year? Colorful, full of joy and a celebration of diversity, pride is an important event for all the people. Whether you want to celebrate your life choice or support your friends, there is only one condition – be as colorful as possible. Nothing is too much for pride as your style is unique and a reason for celebration. This being said, let’s see how we can help you decide what to wear to pride this year. Read on to discover our gorgeous suggestions and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry

What to wear to pride – a couple of keynotes

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We were kidding before about there being a condition when going to pride. The truth is there is none. You can wear anything you want because pride is, first of all, a celebration of diversity. Rainbows and colorful clothes are, indeed, the symbols of pride, but your personal style matters as well. Having a positive attitude and supporting diversity is the most important.

However, if you feel the need for a couple of guidelines or suggestions on what to wear to pride, we have you covered. The first rule is to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you are comfortable in sneakers and baggy jeans, then this is what you should wear. Add a piece of rainbow jewelry or a colorful scarf and you are set to go. If you feel comfortable in high heels, tight clothes and feather boas, then this is what you should wear. Never forget that you are free to make your own choices and, as long as you feel good about them, everybody else will support you. 

If you are undecided, then read one because we have a couple of fantastic suggestions. Also, to celebrate pride and diversity, Ana Luisa has designed a limited-edition collection of rainbow jewelry that you will fall in love with. 

Rainbow jewelry & colorful clothes

what to wear to pride

Do you want to make a statement this year? Then go full in with the rainbows for pride. Yes, we are talking about rainbow jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories. Show your love for diversity with a big splash of color that will make you feel positive and wonderful. 

Ana Luisa’s limited-edition rainbow jewelry set is perfect when thinking about what to wear to pride this year. These glamorous linear drop earrings with rainbow cubic zirconia along with the dianty rainbow necklace are the perfect accessories. 

But don’t leave it only to your jewelry. Get a rainbow feather boa and colorful faux-leather shorts. Ditch the classic black or brown shorts and choose a powerful color like teal or fuchsia. Wear a crop top with a V-neckline to emphasize your rainbow necklace and colorful shoes. What to wear to pride is your choice, so make it a grand one. 

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Hoop earrings & layered necklaces

what to wear to pride

Feeling the hippie vibe? Then what about wearing all your favorite jewelry pieces at once? When deciding on what to wear to pride this year, take a good look inside your jewelry box. Choose the biggest hoop earrings that you own and a couple of necklaces or a pre-layered necklace. Add bangle bracelets and hip sneakers and you are ready to go. 

Take a look at our Nikki earrings. These oversized thick hoops are glamorous, eye-catching and beautiful. They work with both short or long hair and are pretty comfortable to wear. And if you are thinking about layered necklaces, try one of our pre-layered designs that go well with these earrings. This way, you can decide easier on what to wear to pride this year.

Ana Luisa’s Cardi necklace set is ideal to wear to pride. With a gorgeous gold horn necklace that symbolizes good luck and positivity and a shorter start pendant with a gleaming cubic zirconia, this necklace set will look amazing with our Nikki earrings. If you want your jewelry to do the talking for you, choose neutral clothes but do add a couple of rainbow bangles and cuff bracelets. 

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Stack up all your rings for pride

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Can’t decide which rings to wear to pride? How about all of them? You don’t have to choose because pride is about being free and happy with who you are. So when thinking about what to wear to pride and which rings to choose, try all of them.

The stacked rings look is edgy, contemporary and a true statement on being free. We are talking about the freedom of wearing what you want, making the choices that suit you and being your best possible self. Take a look at Ana Luisa’s rings collection which are perfect for the pride this year.

what to wear to pride

From chunky gold rings and contemporary lacquer bands to gemstone rings and textured bands, we feature amazing designs in our collection. Stack your rings, choose colorful clothes or a funky hairdo and go celebrate pride. We all have reasons for feeling proud of both our choices and the choices of the people around us. Share the joy. May you have a wonderful pride this year.

If you loved getting ideas on what to wear to pride, then check out our other articles as well. Find inspiration, fashion and jewelry advice as well as useful tips and tricks on Ana Luisa’s blog. To see any of the designs featured in this article and discover more glamorous jewelry collections, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. 

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