Delicate jewelry has a unique feminine charm that is hard to resist. Subtle, but incredibly chic, this kind of jewelry is trending this season. And with good reason. So, if you are looking for new ideas on styling fine gemstone jewelry, we have prepared a Monday to Sunday guide that will come in handy. Each day is dedicated to one delicate jewelry piece that you need to have in your jewelry collection. Let’s get started.

Delicate jewelry on Monday – Cassie earrings by Ana Luisa

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Start your week in style with these fabulous huggie hoops that will make you feel stylish, fresh, and ready to embrace any challenge. Handcrafted in sterling silver and dipped in 14k gold, these tarnish-resistant huggies feature a CZ gemstone detail that adds a bit of shimmer to a fabulous delicate jewelry piece.

You can wear them to the office and keep them on for cocktail hour with your friends. These cute and chic earrings are really easy to accessorize with other jewelry and very comfortable to wear due to their lightweight quality. Score bonus styling points by matching them with a dainty pendant necklace and a minimal gold ring.

Just another Tuesday at the office with the Paperclip bracelet

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Ditch the classic office jewelry and get an edgy look with Ana Luisa’s paperclip bracelet. This Tuesday you are going to the office in style. Carefully handcrafted and dipped in 14k gold, our paperclip bracelet had a contemporary and unique design, perfect for a modern woman.

This delicate jewelry piece will definitely get noticed by your colleagues. Another great thing about it is that, as opposed to chunky cuff bracelets, it doesn’t get in your way. You can use your hands as much as you want during a presentation. It is also very easy to accessorize. One great idea is to maintain a geometric theme and match this bracelet with a pair of geometric earrings and an edgy pendant necklace.

Mystique Wednesday with Ana Luisa’s Scarab earrings

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What do you say about adding a bit of mystery to your Wednesday look with the help of delicate jewelry? This adorable pair of earrings by Ana Luisa features an Egyptian-inspired scarab design. Notice the highly detailed scarab part. This is possible because our Scarab earrings were handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

As you can see, delicate jewelry can also bear a message. In this case, it has everything to do with transformation and renewal. So, revamp your style with these earrings and match them with other gold jewelry to maintain a glamorous gold theme.

Woven Thursdays with delicate jewelry – Chloe ring

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Looking for a different type of band ring? Say no more. Ana Luisa’s Chloe gold ring with woven band design is perfect to wear today. You don’t need to shower yourself in gemstones, though we never say no to a bit of shimmering bling. However, today is about metals and styling a chic look with unique and simple jewelry. And this delicate jewelry piece is just perfect.

Get a subtle feminine look by matching this braided gold ring with delicate braids. Style is in the details, as they say. You can wear simple gold studs and a simple chain necklace to complete an effortlessly chic look. Get a positive vibe this Thursday and feel gorgeous while wearing your delicate jewelry.

Classy Fridays – M.I.M earrings by Mel in Melbourne & Ana Luisa

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Designed by influencer Mel in Melbourne, these elegant pearl earrings will become your next jewelry obsession. With natural freshwater pearls with a subtle luster and an elegant design, these are the upscale earrings that will transform your Friday look.  You will probably want to wear them every single day and we can’t blame you. These delicate jewelry pieces are absolutely gorgeous.

Coming back to your Friday, you can easily accessorize these pearl earrings with other peal jewelry. However, if you feel that there are too many pearls, you can also stick to a simple coin necklace and a couple of thin gold bangles.

Let your imagination roam free on Saturday

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Wear unique delicate jewelry this Saturday. And when we say unique, we really mean it. Ana Luisa’s Azul earrings will quench your thirst for peals and colorful gemstones as well. These delicate earrings feature organic baroque pearls and lapis lazuli gems with silver and gold specks. They are simply mesmerizing, even though they are still delicate jewelry pieces and subtle.

We bet you already know how to accessorize these fabulous earrings, but we are still going to offer some advice. Remember how we said don’t shower yourself in gemstones? Well, these earrings are asking for it. So yes, you can wear them with pearl or lapis lazuli jewelry so you can also put on other gemstone jewelry. For example, an opal pendant necklace and a turquoise ring will look amazing with these gorgeous earrings.

Delicate jewelry on Sunday – the classic pearl pendant necklace

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Get a timeless and chic look this Sunday with Ana Luisa’s Naomi necklace. With a princess-length gold chain and a natural freshwater pearl pendant, this necklace is subtle, feminine, and adorable. If you want to wear it with other pearl jewelry, like earrings and solitaire pearls rings, you can. However, we would rather style it in a more contemporary way. Match this delicate jewelry piece with simple gold huggies and a gold chain bracelet to get a gorgeous look.

That’s it about delicate jewelry for now. But if you want to check out any of the pieces featured in this article and discover more dainty jewelry pieces, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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