You have your favorite elegant shoes on, your beautiful strapless dress and your precious clutch, so what else do you need? Your strapless dress jewelry, of course. This is not something we invented. Strapless dress jewelry is the name of jewelry pieces that look fabulous with a strapless dress. Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, the name may be self-explanatory, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need advice. There are some pieces that are ideal for a strapless dress and will add the wow factor to your outfit if you know how to style fine gemstone jewelry. Read further to find out more about the best strapless dress jewelry you can wear.

Strapless dress jewelry: Necklaces

The necklace is the first thing that comes into your mind when wearing a strapless dress. This type of dress practically screams for a necklace, but not just any style. In fact, there are two styles of necklaces that make the best strapless dress jewelry.

A short necklace, like a gemstone choker or a bib, looks fabulous with this type of dress. It helps add volume around your neck area and frames your features.

Another type of necklace that looks especially good with a strapless dress is the long necklace. Whether you decide to wear a single lariat or layer multiple necklaces, choose a long style. To create a stunning look, wear a thin choker, a princess length necklace and a long chain with a pendant.

necklaces for woman

Strapless dress jewelry: Earrings

Just to be clear, the first strapless dress jewelry you need to consider is your necklace. After that, it will be easier to choose your earrings. Most women prefer drop earrings that frame their faces and accentuate their features. Drop earrings look gorgeous with a strapless dress, but studs can work too.

It all depends on your necklace. If you are wearing a statement necklace, choose studs or delicate drop earrings. If you are wearing a delicate choker or a long thin chain, you can wear chandelier earrings with gemstones. Pay attention to your hairstyle as well. With statement earrings, it is best to wear your hair up and let them be the stars of your outfit.

Strapless dress jewelry: Bracelets

Bracelets are fabulous strapless dress jewelry pieces and allow you even wear two statement pieces at once. If you are wearing statement earrings or a statement necklace, you can also wear a bold chunky gemstone cuff. If the cuff isn’t your cup of tea, try an oversized link bracelet which will look fabulous with your dress.

Another great idea is to stack your bracelets and create a unique statement piece. Wear multiple thin bangles along with a chunky cuff to create a uniquely fashionable look. If you are feeling bold, you can take advantage of your strapless dress and wear bracelets up on your arm.

cuff bracelet

Strapless dress jewelry: Rings

Last, but not least, you should also consider your rings. They may not be the center of attention, but they can also be interesting strapless dress jewelry pieces. For example, a cocktail ring looks fabulous with this style and completes an elegant outfit.

A diamond ring, on the other hand, is more subtle but can be just as charming. Wear it on your index finger to add a contemporary edge to your outfit.

onyx ring

What else you need to know about strapless dress jewelry

When wearing a strapless dress you can go for a dramatic look. This means that your jewelry mustn’t compete with the dress, but enhance the drama. Choose one statement piece as your focal point and consider the design of the dress. A simple dress looks wonderful with a statement necklace. However, if you are wearing a dress with beads, you might want to focus on your earrings instead.

And here is something that you won’t hear us say too often. With a strapless dress, you are allowed to wear sets. We don’t usually recommend sets as the look can get a little bit boring, but this is an exception. Wearing earrings, necklaces and rings or bracelets from the same set with a strapless dress can create a very elegant and chic outfit. So if you want to try your mother’s pearl set, now it’s the time to do it.

As you can see, you have a lot of options with strapless dress jewelry. All that matters is how you coordinate it with your outfit. If you liked reading this article and want more jewelry inspiration, check out our other articles as well. We feature exclusive styling ideas, informational buying guides and much more.

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