The powerful black color of onyx has made it a coveted gemstone since ancient times. If you are looking for a gemstone to give you an extra edge or a color that will work with every outfit, onyx jewelry is the way to go. Are you interested in going dark? Do you want to know how to style fine gemstone jewelry? Read on to get the details on this mystifying gemstone and how to style your onyx jewelry with any look.

What is Onyx?

No, it’s not an animal you see on safari. The antelope-like creature you are reminded of is called an oryx. Although, the patterns on the animal are related to the natural pattern of the onyx gemstone. Onyx is a black quartz mineral which naturally occurs with parallel white lines. Hence, the association with the four-legged African antelope with black and white stripes on its legs and face.

You’ll rarely find onyx jewelry where you can still see the white banding, though. This is because most jewelers will treat onyx so that it appears completely black. There is no difference in quality or durability between onyx with the naturally occurring white banding and fully black onyx.

Onyx can also be found with different colorings. There is sardonyx which is more brown and carnelian onyx which is red. These types of onyx are less commonly used for onyx jewelry.

Onyx Jewelry and Its Mystical Properties

Gemstones are mesmerizing so it isn’t hard to understand that some people attribute healing properties to them. You can be sure that the striking color of onyx has contributed to some of these beliefs too.

Onyx is the birthstone for Leo in the Zodiac calendar. Qualities associated with onyx are peaceful relationships, confidence and wisdom.

Onyx is also associated with strength, protecting against negativity and easing pain. These characteristics combined with the dark color have made onyx jewelry popular for men since ancient Greek times. However, the classic look of onyx jewelry makes it just as suitable for women’s jewelry pieces.

The LBG, Little Black Gemstone

Like your little black dress, onyx jewelry is a versatile staple piece. Its properties loans well to carvings but looks just as dazzling when smooth in a cabochon cut. The unusual black color gives onyx jewelry a sleek yet eye-catching quality.

Onyx jewelry is suitable for both a casual day and a chic affair. If you are in need of a stand out piece then look for an onyx set in a gold pendant necklace. The contrast in colors is dazzling yet sophisticated. Depending on your personal style, you can have onyx jewelry look simple and classy or a strong statement piece. Choose a small Asscher cut for a classy look or a larger baguette onyx shape with an intricate setting to create a statement piece.

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For a cute bracelet to wear daily, try a delicate yellow gold bracelet with onyx charms. Because black stands out against your skin, a small sized onyx is enough. A smaller gemstone with a thin solid gold bracelet will make this a lightweight accessory you’ll never feel the need to take off.

Black onyx will also look beautiful in stud earrings. The color goes with every outfit so you will have a pair that you can wear every day. If you want to go all black choose studs with a thin setting and a princess cut. If you want a more feminine onyx jewelry piece, look for earrings combined with a rose gold or silver.

What to Wear With Onyx Jewelry

By the way we’ve been gushing about onyx jewelry, you should already know that we think that onyx jewelry goes with anything. Whichever material you choose to combine onyx with, the black will stand out. At the same time, the black lets you wear onyx jewelry with both a casual outfit and formalwear.

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Since we’ve just called Onyx “the little black gemstone”, on top of our list is wearing onyx jewelry with a little black dress. Show sophistication with white gold and onyx drop earrings. If your dress has a low neckline then emphasize this with a matinee length pendant necklace.

For a business casual office look, wear onyx studs. They will draw attention to your face which has the added bonus of your co-workers being more likely to listen carefully.

A comfortable shorts and t-shirt outfit is elevated with a silver charm ankle bracelet. Choose charms that are also silver so that the onyx charm can be the star.

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Ready to walk on the dark side with onyx jewelry? Trust us, you’ll wish we had told you about this sleek gemstone before. For more gemstone inspiration, read our other articles as well. If you want to see unique black onyx bracelets and rings, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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