Always looking for trending jewelry to spruce up your collection? Summer trends are upon us and they have never been more exciting. So make yourself a cocktail, sit back and enjoy your jewelry article. Keep on reading to discover how to style fine gemstone jewelry and check out our top 5 list for trending jewelry.

Summer trends at a glance

Before talking about specific jewelry pieces, we should all take a good look at summer trends. Just like the hot season approaches, trending jewelry this summer is all shades of gold, but especially yellow gold. We still remember the rose gold craze of 2018 (and we still love it), but this year is all about yellow gold shining beautifully in the light. Polished or vintage-looking textures, that’s up to you. But please refresh your jewelry collection with a couple of trending jewelry pieces in gold.

And speaking of trending jewelry that has a connection to past trends, check out ear-hugging earrings. The glamorous oversized hoops of the past years have been replaced by the adorable huggie hoops. These trending jewelry pieces are more versatile than big hoop earrings and look adorable. They are also more prone to have elaborate designs and feature sparkling gemstones.

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And while some things change, others remain the same. Layered necklaces are still trending jewelry pieces. Gold set necklaces that feature coin or flower pendants are especially fashionable. Another trend for layered necklaces that is emerging right now is the celestial-inspired pendant. Let your imagination run free on a starry night with celestial necklace sets.

And, finally, an old trend is making a strong comeback this year. We are, of course, talking about beads. Beaded jewelry has never been hotter, whether we are talking about gemstone beads, pearl strands or gold beads.

Ready to discover our personal top of trending jewelry now? Prepare to fall in love.

Trending jewerly no. 1 -Pearl huggie hoops

We already told that huggies are trending jewelry pieces and pearls have always been trending, so guess what? These handcrafted gold huggies with organic pearl charms are double fashionable. Let your ear lobes be hugged in style. With their polished texture and high-grade lustrous pearls, these earrings are addictive.

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Wear them to work, to a night out with the girls or even at a formal event. They look fantastic with jeans and tank tops, work with formal gowns and look irresistible with a structured suit. Styling pro tip – wear them with a dainty pearl pendant necklace to create a cohesive look.

Trending jewelry no. 2 – Celestial huggie hoops

Trending jewelry is all about making a statement and paying attention to details. These adorable hoops may be small, but they draw attention with their unique design and sparkling cubic zirconia gem. Inspired by the hot summer sun, these huggie hoops are handcrafted in sterling silver and dipped in 14 k gold for a precious look.

Wear your hair up to let these stylish earrings be visible and wear them whenever you want to add a subtle touch of elegance to your look. To maximize their contemporary effect, style these trending jewelry pieces with a chunky geometric ring.

Trending jewelry no. 3 – Gold set necklace

We already told you that layered necklaces are trending jewelry pieces this season, but have you checked out our latest designs? This fabulous gold necklace set with a coin pendant and a horn pendant is stunning.

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When wearing a necklace set, keep your other jewelry to minimal. You don’t want to look too busy. Avoid patterned blouses and choose solid colors. You can go for neutral colors, like beige, grey or cream, but you can also choose vibrant colors like royal blue, deep red or violet. Also, make sure that the neckline of your blouse or dress looks good with a layered necklace. We recommend deep-V, boat or jewel necklines.

No. 4 – Beaded gold necklace

Trending jewelry is also about reinventing old trends. Beads are making a comeback, but instead of your classic pearl strands, we give you the gold beaded necklace. With its precious look and contemporary feel, this necklace will always draw attention and look stunning.

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When wearing this trending jewelry piece, make sure to style it with small earrings like huggie hoops and studs. Wearing a beaded bracelet as well may seem a bit much, but you can always choose charm bracelet or, better, a gold dome ring. Just like with the gold necklace set, you have to choose the appropriate neckline. In this case, we recommend sweetheart, boat or off-the-shoulder necklines.

No. 5 – The double pearl ring

Do you know what’s better than one beautiful pearl set on a ring? Two pearls set on the same ring, side by side. This fabulous ring with a timeless design feature two lustrous freshwater pearls that are simply mesmerizing. It is elegant, gorgeous and one of the best trending jewelry pieces on our list.

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When wearing this amazing ring, a great idea is to have a French manicure that reflects the luster of the pearls. Don’t wear any bracelets if you don’t want to distract from the fabulous design of this trending jewelry piece. However, you can style it with a pair of simple pearl studs for a classic look with a twist or a pair of geometric earrings for a contemporary vibe.

If you enjoyed our list of trending jewelry pieces, come back on this blog for more jewelry styling inspiration. To get any of the gorgeous pieces featured in this article and discover more gorgeous jewelry trends, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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