Gemini jewelry style is bold and creative with lots of bright colors. If there is one star sign that loves to layer on the jewelry and mix unexpected pieces then it is definitely miss Gemini.

You may not have even noticed it but your inner Gemini traits shine through in your style look. Curious to know what the tell tale signs are? Ready to amp up the volume of your jewelry look by using yourself as the muse and learn how to style fine gemstone jewelry?

Read on to find out what typical Gemini jewelry is and how you can let your own personality shine through even more.

What Is Gemini Jewelry Style?

Geminis have a good eye for high fashion. They know exactly how to translate the avant-garde into something that totally works for daily life. A Gemini’s jewelry collection is like a catalogue of trends that they love to mix and match.

There is not one style trend that a true Gemini sticks to. Instead, they play around with all the different trends at the same time. This is also the risky part of Gemini jewelry style. How do you wear several trends at once while still looking fully intentional and curated?

If any star sign can do it, then it is definitely Gemini. The key is to be creative with the jewelry trends while still following the golden rules of wearing jewelry. These golden rules are having recurring elements in the entire look and picking specific focal points.

The Favorite Jewelry Pieces of a Gemini

There are two jewelry pieces that Gemini’s love to layer on; rings and bangles. When it comes to these pieces a Gemini lives by ‘the bigger the better’ and ‘the more the merrier’. Think big cocktail rings with different gemstones and layered bangles of different materials, sizes and shapes.

A Gemini likes getting attention but does not demand it like a Leo would. Instead, Miss Gemini is more subtle in how she draws your eye to her. This is why gemstone rings are the perfect piece of Gemini jewelry.

Try stacking gold rings with different carvings on them. Choose one gemstone cocktail ring for in the middle of the stack. Then, mirror this on the opposite hand but with a different gemstone as the star. Also, mix up the designs on the bands.

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As for stacking bangles, go wild. Put together the hottest trends in bracelets on one arm. For example, pair chunky chain bracelets with an eighties inspired heptagon shaped bangle with a different color on each side.

Of course, if you want to show your dedication to your star sign, you can always get a gold chain bracelet featuring a charm with your astrological sign. Classy and elegant, this bracelet is exactly what you need to let the qualities of your star sign shine through.

Mix and Match Materials

As we said, a Gemini woman is the queen of combining jewelry trends. Considering the current jewelry trends, this also means that she matches different materials with each other.

The hottest materials for this season are gold, sea shells, pearls and leather. These may all seem like very far apart aesthetics but we trust that your inner Gemini knows how to bring these materials together into one cohesive look.

Here are a two jewelry styling tips for mixing and matching materials. These tips make sure your jewelry pieces bring together the entire look. It makes your choices seem carefully curated instead of something quickly put together.

The first tip is following a color pattern. For example, layer a brown leather watch with gold bracelets and sea shells dipped in gold. Or, match your blue pearl drop earrings with a layered necklace of pearls and other blue pendants.

The second tip is to stick to the same design principle but in different materials and sizes. The chunky chain trend is an excellent one for this. For example, wear different sized chain necklaces and a stack of bracelets that has chains mixed with different materials like leather or wood.

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Find Your Signature Piece

Gemini’s are known for their fashion sense that is ahead of everyone else. However, with trends constantly evolving, it is also nice to have a few signature pieces that truly define your Gemini jewelry style.

A signature piece shows that your taste in jewelry is not completely controlled by the trends. Of course not, you are a highly fashionable person that just knows how to work with what is hot right now. However, you hold on to your own personal Gemini jewelry style throughout all these trends.

Make a true statement with a few key Gemini jewelry pieces. We like a big rock ring in a bright color like turquoise, opals or watermelon tourmaline. This goes well with a signature chunky gold bracelet.

We also think that tassel earrings are a classic example of Gemini jewelry. It is eye-catching, unexpected and still very classy but with a fun twist. Collect tassel earrings in all the colors for your jewelry arsenal.

boho earrings

Last, but not least, if we are speaking about Gemini jewelry, you should have these classy Gemini hoop earrings in your jewelry box.

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