Gold is one of the best options for buying fine jewelry metals, and like all things precious, it never goes out of style. It looks and feels great on the skin and, if chosen carefully, solid gold jewelry can make a great statement. Jewelry can be a fun way and a creative way to express your personal style and learn more about what you like. If you enjoy wearing solid gold jewelry, read further to discover more. We are going to talk about how to best style your gold jewelry, which types are right for you, how to match it with other accessories and which color of gold best suits you.

Choosing the right color of solid gold jewelry

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of gold is yellow, right? Well, for those of you who aren`t a big fan of the yellow color, guess what? You can find solid gold jewelry in white, rose gold, or, sometimes even in green gold.

The yellow gold is traditional, bold and makes a strong statement. If you are a “more is more” kind of girl, feel free to combine it with colorful bracelets for a boho chic, summer-y beach look. Or go for the single bracelet look, for a more elegant, minimal and classy style.

The white gold is sophisticated, glamorous and dramatic. A white solid gold jewelry piece will work perfectly as a single accessory and look effortlessly chic.

Rose gold is all about femininity, sensuality and romance. If you are a romantic and a dreamer, rose gold is the way to go. It will complement your personality in a subtle, blossoming way.

What solid gold jewelry style is right for you

When it comes to the style of a solid gold jewelry piece, there are countless options. Some of the most popular and trendy are the charm bracelets, all-metal bands, drop earrings, bangles or gemstone gold necklaces. Let`s look at them one by one and see what each type says about you.

Charm gold bracelets

Charm bracelets are a great way to make a statement. Think of them as subtle pieces that collect and keep things that are important to you or have a great meaning. Add a heart symbol if you are a romantic or a four leaf clover for good luck.

All-metal gold bands

These solid gold jewelry pieces come in many styles. You can choose a big, heavy one for a strong impression or a minimal gold ring for a subtle, yet elegant look.

Gold drop earrings

When it comes to solid gold jewelry, drop earrings are sophisticated and elegant. They are ideal pieces for women who love to add a touch of class to their look.

Gold bangles

These solid gold jewelry pieces are fun, playful and youthful. A woman who likes bangles is often easy-going, spontaneous and adventurous. They are really easy to combine with other accessories as well as colors and patterns.

Gold gemstone necklaces

These necklaces are ideal for a romantics, bohemian and a nature-lovers, as well as women who want to make a statement. Gemstones can bring great, positive energy, and they look stunning! The gold color combined with the vibrant or transparent colors of the gems can be a win-win combination. So, feel free to get a birthstone gold necklace, either as a pedant and chain type or a choker.

How to style and combine solid gold jewelry

Accessorizing is all about fun and creativity. There are many ways in which a solid gold jewelry piece can blend perfectly into the whole outfit.

For example, the big and heavy pieces can look fabulous on a single-colored, simple dress. However, if you match a chunky solid gold jewelry piece with colorful dresses or mixed patterns it can look a bit too busy and damage your look.

Multiple small and subtle rose gold jewelry pieces will fit perfectly in combination with a vintage-floral or white lace dress. You can even experiment with adding mixed metals, like silver rings. That way you achieve an effortlessly chic and romantic look, perfect for an afternoon date. Charm bracelets and bangles are a great everyday accessory because they are easy to combine and can look great with a casual outfit or an elegant, cocktail dress.

For a more professional look and a power-suit outfit, you can wear a simple white gold chain with a solitaire pearl ring, which will make a subtle, yet sophisticated statement.

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As we mentioned above, styling and accessorizing are great ways to express yourself in your everyday life. Although there are some rules to consider when choosing and combining solid gold jewelry, remember that some of them can be broken. What works for others, may not work you, and vice versa. Follow your own intuition, don`t be afraid to think outside the box and start experimenting. Discover what makes you smile and how you feel comfortable. A proper accessorized outfit can make you happy and more confident.

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