Star jewelry is simply magical. With shimmering gemstones, contemporary designs and beautiful patterns, celestial jewelry is this season’s must-have trend. And because we know that you are just as obsessed with star jewelry as we are, here’s a surprise for you. We have selected five of our most fabulous star jewelry designs for you to try. Keep on reading to get ideas on how to style fine gemstone jewelry inspired by celestial designs.

Star Jewelry with Gleaming Cubic Zirconia

Let’s face it. Star jewelry and cubic zirconia is a love story waiting to happen. And thanks to our brilliant designers, the waiting is now over. What we love about cubic zirconia is its fiery sparkle and the fact that it is an ethical gem. Because cubic zirconia is lab-grown, it doesn’t negatively impact the environment. It has the same precious look like diamonds and it is pretty durable. However, as opposed to diamonds, it doesn’t come at the expense of developing communities. But enough with the chit-chat. Let’s take a look at some of our most coveted star jewelry designs with cubic zirconia.

Hazel hoop earrings with cubic zirconia

These Byzantine-inspired earrings feature inner cubic zirconia gems set in beautiful star engravings. With a unique retro vibe, polished texture, and delicate design, these earrings will perfectly match your summer tea dress. They look gorgeous when paired with lace, chiffon, and other feminine and delicate fabrics.

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And because star jewelry goes great with other gemstone pieces, we recommend wearing these stunning earrings with a dainty diamond necklace or even a classic pearl strand. Go all-in with the vintage vibe and choose peep toe shoes as well as a faux crocodile leather purse.

Contemporary geometric hoops with cubic zirconia

Ana Luisa’s Cruz earrings are some of our most popular creations. These fab mini hoops with square gold charms are irresistible. Dipped in precious 14k gold and featuring inner cubic zirconia gems, these star earrings must not miss from your jewelry collection. So if you want to try the trend of star jewelry but want to maintain your rebellious vibe, the Cruz earrings are the way to go.

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You can pair them with leather shorts, boots, and a graphic tee. Match them with a gold collar or choker necklace and a set of thin gold bangles to achieve a glamorous punk-rock look.

Sun-inspired huggie-hoops

Huggies have conquered the fashion world. More versatile than classic hoops and with a playful vibe, huggie hoops are jewelry designs that every woman loves. And when it comes to star jewelry, huggies can become very creative as this gorgeous design proves it. Ana Luisa’s Elios earrings are inspired by our most important star. These contemporary huggies feature cubic zirconia gems set in gold. With their charming way of embracing the ear lobe and their fiery shimmer, these star earrings are perfect when you want to turn up the volume of a casual outfit.

gemstone huggie earrings

Wear your star jewelry with a solid color tee. Choose a neutral color to let your jewelry take the center stage. Add a pair of baggy jeans, colorful sneakers, and a chic tote. You can match your earrings with a layered necklace or a chunky gold chain necklace. Add a cuff bracelet or simple band ring and you are ready to go out.

Layered necklace with cubic zirconia

When it comes to star jewelry and layered necklaces, we have only one word for you. Well, maybe two words – Cardi set. Ana Luisa’s Cardi set is a gorgeous star jewelry piece that features two necklaces. A longer horn necklace and a shorter star necklace featuring an inner cubic zirconia gem and a polished texture. This layered necklace is bound to attract attention, so make sure you pair it with the right jewelry.

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We recommend wearing it with a deep-V dress in a dark color like black, burgundy or navy. Wear strappy sandals and a jewelry clutch to create an elegant look. As for your other jewelry, continue the shimmering theme with a pair of gemstone linear drop earrings and a solitaire diamond ring.

Star Jewelry with Moonstone

There is an irresistible beauty about the glowing moonstone, especially when this gem is used in star jewelry designs. It is as if the ethereal look of the moonstone reinforces the celestial theme, resulting in an exquisite jewelry piece. This is the case with Ana Luisa’s Rebecca necklace, one of our most beloved star jewelry designs.

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Carefully handcrafted and dipped in 14k gold, this lovely star necklace features a glowing moonstone in a star setting. With a ball chain necklace and a moonstone pendant, this jewelry design must not miss from your jewelry collection. Wear this necklace with any blue dress to create a cohesive celestial theme. Royal blue, pastel, or even electric blue – the choice is yours. Wear cluster pearl earrings and a delicate moonstone ring to complete your outfit.

If you enjoyed discovering our star jewelry designs, then keep on reading this blog. We constantly publish content that contains a lot of relevant information about jewelry. Discover our comprehensive buying guides, our chic fashion advice, or our interesting care guides for jewelry. Become a jewelry expert with Ana Luisa and nurture your jewelry knowledge with us.

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